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I have spent some considerable time researching the Sunderland Forsters but have been frustrated by the lack of information. I have to assume that there are a lot of Forster family descendents out there, as my paternal grandfather came fom a large family, but the male line seems have been rather limited, with a preponderance of females!

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, or can provide additional information::

My grandfather was Charles Forster. He was born on 3 January 1899 and died in October 1978. He had 3 brothers, WILLIAM, ANTHONY (Tony), and WALTER. William married ? and had 3 daughters, Sandra, Sylvia and Sheila. Anthony married Dora and had a daughter, Dora. Walter married Katie and had 2 sons, Walter and Ronald, and a daughter, Lilian, and possibly a daughter called Kathy?

I think my grandfather also had 5 sisters, LILY, LOUISE, FLORENCE, EMMA and ANNIE, about whom I know very little. I have no dates of birth other than for my grandfather, but the parents (see below) were married in December 1889.

Going back a generation -

Grandfather's father was ANTHONY FORSTER, born 28 Dec 1867 (birth certificate) and married 28 Dec 1889 to LOUISA PALMER (marriage certificate). For some reason they do not seem to appear on the 1901 census. Louisa died around the mid to late 1930's we think (my dad has memories of viewing the body when very young!), but I don't know about Anthony. He had a brother, CHRISTOPHER - also not obviously on the census - who married ANNIE, who died around 1932. There was also a sister, Molly (Mary?), who married WILLIAM COCKBURN. Any information relating to the families of Christopher and Molly would be welcome.

Going back further -

The father of Anthony, Christopher and Molly was WILLIAM SURTEES FORSTER, as confirmed on Anthony's birth certificate, and mother was ISABELLA MURRAY. I estimate that they were married sometime in the 1860's.

On the 1901 census there was an ANTHONY FORSTER married to SUSAN - his date of birth was 5 Apr 1848 (birth certificate). His parents were ANTHONY FORSTER and ELIZABETH SURTEES, so it is likely (though I could be wrong!) that he was brother to Williams Surtees Forster, as above. Again, any information would be welcome - particularly relating to Anthony and Susan, for whom I have one daughter, Eliza(beth) Mary, aged 26 on the 1901 census - but there may have been other children who had by then left home.

As far as I know, these Forsters all lived in the Sunderland area, and many of the male members of the family worked on the railways. My dad was a BR traffic controller at Newcastle, his dad was a train driver and so was his dad. Anthony (husband of Susan) is described as a loco foreman. I believe my grandfathers' brothers also worked on the railways.

Family tree will appear here in due course, and will link to the LAWSONS (my paternal grandmother's family), and the ROBSONS and WILSONS (on my mum's side).



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