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Mark Hysted is the owner of www.hysted.co.uk

Eric Hysted is Sales & Operations Director at Haynes Agricultural, Sutton Road, Maidstone

Helen Hysted is a paediatric nurse working? at Addenbrookes Cambridge

Amanda Hysted attended a Procul harum 30th Birthday Party with her daughter Emilia

Graham Hysted writes the UK fan site for Sons and Daughters (the Australian soap)

People who may or may not be related...

The Hysteds don't seem to have been consistent on how they spelt their surname, there are hysted, hystead, highstead, highsted, histed and of course isted. I have a small (by internet standards) family tree covering some of the the Hysteds & Biggs of Sutton Valence and am doing some spare time research to try and tie in some other trees I have found and make sense of the 1901 census returns and the family bible. After a couple of trips to the family records centre I have collected some Hysted and soundalikes, births (1873-1903, 1914-1920) and marriages (1903-1913) and created a spreadsheet and family tree. More info to follow.

Thanks to the Hysteds and possible relations who have contacted me, I will get back to you with more information soon.

Kent Family History sites at : - http://www.quarrington.f9.co.uk/ksir/k2indx.htm and http://www.kfhs.org.uk/index.htm


Rod, Heather, Chris and Greg, Rod and Heather on the staff of Healesville Primary School and have a connection with Sutton Valence in 1885

USA unrelated

Mark Twain - used the phrase 'hysted up his shoulders' in The Celebrated Jumping frog of Calveras County - as search engines ably demonstrate by finding umpteen copies.

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