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If I ever get time, these are some of the things I'd like to get done

I haven't found a backup program that does all of what I want it to do yet, so I may to have to write it myself. But I've settled on Backup Plus from Avantrix (which is at least cheap if you use the PCPlus discounts) for now.
I'd like to write a version of John Brunner's Fencing, to see if it really works as a game.
I tried to produce a Dilbert search engine, but the text input time was unreasonable and I'll probably get clobbered by copyright problems anyway.
I'd like to convert some old Pete Atkin songs on Reel to Reel tapes to MP3 so that I could listen to them, but the sound quality of the first attempt was atrocious and they probably already exist on some recordings that were in the midnight voices library.
I'd like to add some more people to the family tree. but its a low priority job, though easier now I'm working closer to the FRC again.
One day, an on-line CV, but I'm not desperate for a job change yet.
What do I do at work? Programming / Managing for Azure Solutions in London, spun off from BT in 2003.
HTML I create better websites than this, but they are behind a firewall
Javascript Lots on Intranet sites, but not much here, I don't need it
Pascal Wrote a terminal emulation in DOS to replace a hardware green screen and then a Windows (16bit) version using both COM ports and telnet.
Delphi Supported and rewrote screen scraping application using attachmate extra
Unisys A-Series Algol/WFL/Newp System Support, DMSII DBA- Used to patch operating systems and compilers (at the source level)
PC Tech Support Anything and everything. DOS, Windows 3, windows 95, Netware 3, Hardware, Software, Year2k conversions
LAN s Wrote Packet sniffing programs when all else failed
Unix System support for a while - Sequent and Sun Machines
Oracle Pl*Sql, Oracle Express, Oracle Forms, Business Objects
Location Central or South West London Area

When I write software that's worth sharing (except for the company stuff) it will go here. Some of it is so ancient that it has come and gone and no-one will fell the loss.
The programs available are Autorun, UsageLog, Delayrun and Project Time Log, see the Freeware Page, it is written in Delphi with all sources.

Smoothwall My solution to a problem with Speedtouch and Smoothwall which gets around 500 hits a day is on another website I maintain.
Picture See the Family Snaps Page
Oddities I have some UNIX boxes circa 1955 in the garage (they were a brand of glass fronted bookcase, its a pity they didn't trademark the name) and at last the pictures 1 2 to prove it.

Page last updated 20-Dec-2005.

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