AutoRun - the program


John's Freeware

Fed up with CDs autorunning when you insert them, so you turned Autorun off for CD using Tweakui?

Now you can't be bothered to open autorun.inf, read the contents and run the right program?

Put a shortcut to this small program on your desktop and you can Autorun a CD whenever required.

If there isn't an autorun.inf it will open explorer so you can browse the CD.

It also does one more thing.. autorun.inf must contain the name of an exe, so if you just want to show a .htm file you can't use autorun.inf, but now you can. Just put autorun.exe on the CD and put 'autorun.exe index.htm' in the autorun.inf file. It will run the associated program e.g. Internet Explorer or Opera or Netscape

Sources (Delphi 3) available.

Page last updated 07 Jan 2002.