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John's Freeware

Unable to find a program that would nag me every 30 minutes to ask what project I was booking my time to, I decided to write this. It is freeware with sources (Delphi 3).

The program spends most of its time in the system tray where it appears as or (It changes from green to red after a user configurable time , to remind you to confirm which project you are booking to). Double Click to Open, Right Click for Menu.

There is an optional On Screen Display in any one of the corners, partially transparent on XP, that also changes from green to red at the same time. The OSD will run away from the mouse unless it is red, when it will pop up a menu instead.

You can generate a report of the time booked for any week.

See the ScreenShots for more examples

As usual the cute bits are copied from other peoples freeware programs, download it and see the about box for acknowlegements.

Changes for version 1.0.16 are that the transparency of the OSD can be varied and that the options menu is available from the popup menu.

Changes for version 1.0.17 are that the default time format is now hh.d .

Changes for version 1.0.18 are that there is a new category called "." (unaccountable) rather than "*" (chargeable and spread) and that the help file is now a .chm file for compatability.

Changes for version 1.0.19 were fixes for the new "." category.

Changes for version 1.0.20 will be for the new location of this site.

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