Usagelog - the program

John's Freeware

This program was written after I had tried Logger by Benjamin Wrightson which provided the inspiration for this worse looking piece of software, which has some features missing from his.

The program runs in the taskbar area where it looks like or
and will log date, time, user, minutes, message in a .csv type file for events on the system.

These are currently:
  • Session Start / Logon
  • Session End / Logoff
  • Program end
  • PC Crashed
  • Dial up Connection start
  • Dial up connection end

Right click on the taskbar icon for a menu, double click to open the main window or mouseover to see a hint with session and online times.

After a Session / Connection has lasted more than a user settable time the icon will change from green to red.

Settable options (stored in registry) are
  • log name
  • crash recovery log name
  • minutes before changing colour
  • minutes between writes to crash recovery log
  • displayed widths of date,time,user
  • show elapsed times as h:mm or mmm mins
  • entry in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run to autostart

To see a fuller listing of the log, press the Show Log button.

The program is freeware, written in Delphi3 and comes with full source.

Download version dated 10 Nov 2002 (829Kb), the program itself is only 330Kb.

Version History

Fix Options Browse dialogs to show the correct settings, both were calling the same dialog and setting the recovery file name.

Change to Showlog to only show log when needed. Change to bring existing copy to front if new copy was run, useful if explorer dies. Fix to stop multiple copies running on NT, where window names changed case. Changes to fixes for EOutOfResources errors sometimes it ignored the over 64KB fix.

Change Active session detection from EnumWindows to RasEnumConnections. This works on Windows NT4.0 as well as Windows 95 and 98.

First public version

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